Top 25 Israeli Influencers In Blockchain Technologies And Cryptocurrencies

Israel has long been hailed as the “start-up nation” due to the large amount of successful tech companies that have been founded in the area, such as ICQ, Wix and Waze, to name a few. Despite just having a population of 8.1 million, there are more Israeli companies listed on NASDAQ than any other country except China.

Recently, blockchain technology, which was introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper for Bitcoin, has exploded in popularity. Blockchain technology guarantees greater transparency, security, and decentralization. The blockchain operates by spreading a continuous growing ledger of records, which are time stamped over a wide array of private computers across the world. This assures that the records cannot be altered, deleted or manipulated.

New uses and implementations for blockchain tech are being found and just like with the internet revolution, Israeli captains of industry are at the helm of its innovation.

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