WATEC 2013 – Innovation Pavillion

An Interesting feature of the grand Water Technology Event this year was the Innovation Pavillion. Here Israel NewTech presented a variety of Israeli start-up companies developing exciting new technologies in water and renewable energy, destined to lead the globe into a sustainable future.

Israel NewTech is a national program led by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor and dedicated to the advancement of Israel\s water and renewable energy sectors. The program regularly supports Israeli R&D, promotes partnerships between Israeli companies in Israel and abroad, and encourages global implementation of Israeli technology.

The other two halls at the WATEC event hosted exhibitors of technology in all of the following fields:

  • Advanced Irrigation Systems
  • Advanced Water Solutions
  • Desalination
  • Leakage Control
  • Mobile Desalination Units
  • Monitoring & Measurement Devices
  • Monitoring and Analyzing Water and Pollution
  • Waste Water Treatment (Reclamation & Purification)
  • Water & Environmental R&D
  • Water & Wastewater Projects
  • Water Management & Flow Control
  • Water Quality & Water Treatment
  • Water Saving Devices
  • Water Security

Some Pictures from the Event (Day 2)

  IMG_6332 IMG_6328 IMG_6326 IMG_6325 IMG_6323 IMG_6320


Find out more about WATEC 2013 here.

Israel Trade & Economic Office, Embassy of Israel