FM Lapid: The MFA Memorial Wall reminds us that if we do not want to add more and more names, we must be strong. Our great task is to preserve Israeli power.

The memorial service for Israel’s fallen diplomats took place today (Tuesday, May 3, 2022) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem in the presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the MFA Director-General, the bereaved families, representatives of the Diplomatic Corps, Foreign Ministry management and staff.

Sixteen MFA staff members have fallen since the establishment of the State of Israel until the present.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Yair Lapid: “Israeli power stands on three foundations: the Israel Defense Forces, the Israeli economy, and our political network. This ministry. This Wall of Remembrance. The people whose names are written on the Wall of Remembrance represented the State of Israel. The state chose these people because it wanted the world to see Israel at its best, and these men and women were the best of us.”

Ron Shechori, representative of the bereaved families and son of Dr. Ami Shechori who was killed in London in 1972, told the story of his father, who was born in Rehovot and was killed while serving as an agricultural consultant in England: “MFA officials continue to stand at the forefront. Only recently has an Iranian plot to assassinate an Israeli diplomat in Turkey come to light. We can only hope and pray that no more names will be added to this Wall of Remembrance.”

The fallen of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

  • Edna Peer was killed by terrorists in Asuncion, Paraguay, on 4 May 1970.
  • Efraim Elrom was kidnapped and murdered in Istanbul, Turkey, on 23 May 1971.
  • Ami Shechori was killed by a letter bomb in London, United Kingdom on 19 September 1972.
  • Giora Raviv, was killed in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 28 April 1975.
  • Eti Tal-Or was killed in a terrorist attack in Cairo, Egypt, on 19 March 1986.
  • Ehud Sadan was killed in a terrorist attack in Ankara, Turkey on 7 March 1992.
  • David Ben Rafael was killed in the terrorist attack in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 17 March 1992.
  • Eli Ben-Zeev was killed in the terrorist attack in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 17 March 1992.
  • Eliora Carmon was killed in the terrorist attack in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 17 March 1992.
  • Shira Troper-Arnon was murdered in Lagos, Nigeria on 2 January 1995.
  • Aviv Cohen was murdered in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on 27 September 1996.
  • Sorek Gefen fell in Amman, Jordan, on 2 March 1999.
  • Elazar Brosh was murdered in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, on 3 August 2000.
  • Orit Ozerov was one of 11 people killed by a Hamas suicide bomber in Cafe Moment in Jerusalem, Israel, on 9 March 2002.
  • David Diego Ladowsky was killed in a terror attack at the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, Israel, on 31 July 2002.
  • Shlomo Argov was wounded during a terrorist attack on 3 June 1982 in London, United Kingdom. He succumbed to his wounds on 23 February 2003.