The growth in space exploration and the private aerospace business opens a host of economic possibilities that has the potential of being worth one trillion dollars by 2040 according to Morgan Stanley.

Israel like in many other industries is making large strides in the space exploration and Aerospace Technology. Israel has developed its own line of orbital rockets, the Shavit (“Comet”) series, which has lunched multiple satellites over the years. In 2019, Israel attempted a mission to put a robotic lander down on the moon, which has only been achieved by the United States and Russia.

Eytan Stibbe is Israel’s second astronaut to successfully go to space, just completed his two-week Earth-orbit mission in partnership with Axiom Space and SpaceX on Israel’s Rakia Mission. The Rakia Mission’s goals are to inspire the next generation of students and youth to pursue space programs and research. Stibbe also conducted thirty-five experiments in microgravity, adding validity to many concepts that could have positive economic implications.

Israel aim to accelerate the “New Space” revolution and is definitely playing a dominant part in the global race to space. We highly recommend keeping an eye on the following Israeli companies making tremendous strides towards the commercialization, and further viability of space travel.

Ramon Space

Ramon Space is a cloud computing service that has been a part of 50 different space missions without failure. A part of the transformation to digitalize the space industry, Ramon Space offers services in remote sensing, IoT, satellite communications, and data management. Without adequate computing power and data processing, under-resourced space missions risk equipment and lives. Ramon Space works to have every future space mission backed by the processing power it produces to ensure safety and successful missions ahead.


SpacePharma seeks to perform scientific testing in a low-gravity environment in order to study the effects of microgravity on biological systems like aging, muscle use, and even biochemical reactions with bacteria. SpacePharma has three missions launched independently, or to the ISS, and will be conducting ongoing experiments on more biological systems.

New Rocket

A green-propulsion company, NewRocket is seeking to apply its non-toxic PowerGel technology to in-space propulsion, landing propulsion, and a variety of other low-orbit propulsion needs for satellites or capsules. Its novelty lies in its non-toxic makeup, which holds up to new industry standards, and in its ability to turn “on” and “off”, allowing another crucial component of space technology to be reusable and sustainable.


Radiation exposure is one of the most immediate dangers that space travelers and astronauts will have to account for. A new vest design gives spacefarers a new level of protection in a variety of orbits; the firm also develops protective gear for a variety of Earth-bound settings that expose workers to radiation: firefighting, homeland security, medical settings, and nuclear reactors.

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