Engagement Rings

Israel Diamond & Jewelry market is known as one of the 3 biggest diamond trade markets in the world.  2013 was a very good year and the export of polish Diamonds and Engagement Rings sum up over 4 billion US Dollars.

There are a lot of high-tech factories which specialize in polishing excellent cut diamonds and jewelry setting. The main export markets are the USA and the Hong-Kong markets.

Internet trade is getting bigger and bigger yearly and this includes diamonds & jewelry. About 30% of the trade is done on the internet. Each company has its own brand website which offers factory direct prices to the end user.

This increased the sales last year by 8% and analysts say it will increase by another 25% by the end of 2018.

Over 40% of the growth is related to bridal jewelry which keeps a good solid trade volume.

The information for this post was kindly given to us by Diamond Factory Israel which specialize in manufacturing Engagement Rings and Diamond jewelry in the Israeli Diamond Bourse