FoodTech is prospering in Israel 

If one country is above its weight in FoodTech, it clearly is Israel. It is hard to discuss some topics, such as alternative proteins,

ingredients, crops or precision agriculture, without mentioning Israeli startups. is it just hype or is there something real behind it?

First, let’s have a look at investments in Israel. As you can see below, investments have risen sharply in the past five years.

As for other ecosystems, 2021 was a “boo” year with a huge increase (more than doubling) in investments to reach $905M.

Beyond this impressive amount, we can learn two things when looking at this ecosystem:

  • it is highly specialized: 68% of 2021’s investments went toward alternative protein startups.
  • This makes the country the second destination globally for investments in the sector.
  • This is quite impressive when compared to the country’s size.
  • a quick look at the top deals made in 2022 shows how Israeli startups can attract huge investments and foreign investors











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