Where do you want to live?

This is no longer a question addressing migration or the psychological attachment towards other cultures than his own. Nonetheless, it introduces us to a process in which we are beginning to reconsider our position and societal attitudes regarding our presence on this planet. 

ClimateTech companies in Israel represent the new ways our world changes right before our eyes. It is not a mystery that concerns regarding air and water pollution, plastic pollution, waste management, and water shortage continue rising this year. The media held an important place in this combat, but unfortunately, not every denunciation act of dishonest practices led to the change we are all hoping for.

In this world we created, in which companies use greenwashing and other sly marketing tactics to develop misleading impressions over their social responsibility actions, it is a thousand times more reliable to trust the most important physical evidence available: technological development in the field.

With over 9,484 active high-tech companies, Israel has been globally known as a startup nation for a while now.

A recent report found that Israel has more than 700 climate tech startups, which represents an increase from the previous year. The companies come from various sectors, including energy, food, agriculture, water, etc. One out of every seven startups established in 2021 was from the climate tech field, a significant increase from nine percent the previous year.

For example, one of the companies that are working on making the planet a better and a safer place is Hydrolite. Hydrolite Electrolyzer Hydrogen Generator – eHG – is a low-cost, high-simplicity electronic hydrogen generator. Input only water and power – from your renewable generator or provider for certified Green Hydrogen – and generate hydrogen fuel for the Hydrolite Full Cell System – FCS, or for any other hydrogen applications.

Another company that caught our eye is TripleW. Since 2015, TripleW has committed to addressing the environmental and financial challenges of waste management, through the development of superior circular solutions. Bioplastics, renewable and highly in-demand, are the perfect vehicle for creating value from food waste and closing the loop.

Saving the planet is caring also for the aquatic life

If your interest is to reduce the carbon footprint of concrete and protect marine life while building resistant, chemical-free coastal structures, then ECOncrete is the product you’re looking for. This solution allows the “next generation” of organisms to develop on the surface of the product and attracts other marine life, creating a positive impact over the aquatic ecosystem.

The health of our planet is at stake, and we are no longer in the position of making mistakes. The lack of action to protect the environment will lead only to more natural disasters, more health issues, and more economic decline. The entities named above develop only few of the innovative solutions proposed by the ClimateTech companies in Israel, which understood we cannot have a bright “tomorrow” as long we do not take care of our “today”.


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Article written by Magdalena Roman, Sectorial Manager -Trade and Economic Mission in France


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