Project Description

IOSight is leading provider of data management and analytics solutions, specializing in the Utilities sector. IOSight provides well-proven industry-specific solutions for water and energy utilities and delivers a variety of benefits including: water quality monitoring, cost reduction, productivity improvement and regulatory compliance. With over 100 installations worldwide, IOSight provides robust, reliable and flexible solutions enabling practical data-driven management.

Their customers get actionable, accurate, comprehensive, real-time insights into their site performance, as well as advanced decision-support solutions such as: anomaly detection, early fault prediction, and optimization of operations and resources.

IOSight’s core iGreen system collects, safely, systematically, and reliably, large amounts of designated data via a variety of interfaces. The collected data is cleaned, validated, stored in a modeled SQL database, processed, analyzed, restored and presented in the form of meaningful significant outputs, including: reports, online dashboards and decision support tools.

Their algorithm-based decision support solutions are focused on ensuring quality and safety, and reducing expenses, through anomaly detection, early fault prediction and operational optimization algorithms.

iShed – is an algorithm-based solution for water quality monitoring and water security in rivers and watersheds. iShed has been co-developed by IOSight and Mekorot, Israel’s national water company, and provides reliable pollution detection and speed of propagation calculation in watersheds. iShed algorithm eliminates 95% of false alarms.

iWT/iWWT – Decision Support System for Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants. Recommends on the optimized operational mode of key elements: chemical dosing and large energy consumers

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