Israel is renowned worldwide as a hub of digital health innovation, with over 450 active companies in the sector pioneering advances in predictive medicine, personalized healthcare, telehealth, big data, and much more.

From the recent FDA clearance of’s smartphone-based urinalysis kit to Tyto Care’s telehealth platform for on-demand, at-home primary care exams to BrainQ’s AI-based neural network analysis platform, Israel is at the forefront of some of healthcare’s most promising innovations, thanks to its advantageous combination of world-class academic and research institutions and leadership in key technological fields like medical devices, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and personalized medicine.

That makes the Startup Nation a fitting location for one of the digital health sector’s premier conferences and exhibitions: MedinIsrael, set for March 25-28 at Israel’s Avenue Convention Center. The conference is spearheaded by Israel’s Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy and Industry, the Israeli Export Institute, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Health and Healthcare Israel.

This year’s event marks the fifth MedinIsrael conference and will provide opportunities for attendees from around the globe to check out the latest digital health innovations up close, build partnerships and collaborations, and identify opportunities. Participants will hear from leading experts and innovators on the growing role of AI in healthcare, the outlook for healthcare data protection, mobile health, medical use cases for virtual and augmented reality, and more.

Sixty exhibiting companies will showcase their unique digital health solutions, including these Israeli innovators:

  • Founded in 2017, AlephBot has developed an AI product that auto-documents medical procedures in real time, enabling medical teams to focus their attention on their patients and to receive full, accurate debriefs following each procedure, with an eye toward improving efficiency and patient outcomes. The company has four pending patents and works with hospitals in Israel and Europe.
  • NE Field Diagnostics, founded in 2015, offers a diagnostic solution for lung function testing and monitoring. The hand-held device connects to users’ smartphones, enabling ongoing monitoring of pulmonary health. The company aims to support patients with conditions like asthma and COPD in taking a proactive approach to their health – a key element in driving down costs and preventing hospitalizations.
  • Utilizing machine learning and advanced image analysis, Ibex’s AI-driven cancer diagnosis system generates rapid, accurate diagnoses, enabling pathologists to focus on their most complex and urgent cases while increasing efficiency, boosting the effectiveness of treatment, and significantly reducing turnaround times.

Underpinning the success of Israel’s digital health ecosystem is the country’s technological prowess in domains like AI, big data, and predictive analytics, as well as Israel’s longstanding commitment to embracing digital solutions in healthcare. For a quarter of a century, Israeli HMOs have digitized their patients’ medical records, and the country continues to chart a bold path in healthcare digitization. In 2018, the Israeli cabinet approved a 1 billion shekel initiative to digitize all Israeli residents’ personal health records, with an eye toward supporting new advances in personalized and preventive medicine.

As of September 2018, Israeli digital health startups had raised an estimated $800 million over the past three years. Which companies will make the biggest waves moving forward? Attendees of MedinIsrael 2019 may just be the first to know.

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