Israel’s expertise in search and rescue: meet Hilik Magnus

Hilik Magnus is the head of Israeli-based rescue firm that has been involved in thousands of operations around world, including locating body of rabbi killed in 2008 Mumbai attack

From: Time of Israel by Mitch Ginsburg

For the past 25 years, Magnus and his 15 person rescue team have run thousands of critical rescue operations all around the world. They’ve conducted field rescues and complex medical evacuations and retrieved missing persons and kidnapping victims.

After retiring from his service as a high-ranking officer in the Israeli Defense Forces, Hilik began traveling the globe, mostly off the beaten track. His unique knowledge, experience, resourcefulness, and personal connections soon became a source of attraction for travelers, families, and organizations seeking council. What started as a one-man show soon became one of the first private search & rescue companies. 25 years later the company continues to grow under his guidance and expand its international reach.

Magnus adores the Israeli youth that flock to the traveling circuit after the army. He said the younger generation is “fantastic” and “inspiring” and infinitely smarter than his own peers were back in the day. But the parental grief — the frantic calls, the despair, the sobbing, the shrieking for a helicopter in the middle of the night — is his life mission to abolish. And the events of recent weeks, in which two Israelis died rafting on the Apurimac River in Peru, four more in the Himalayan high country, and two more on a bus ride in Nepal, have made the need all the more acute.

Magnus, born in Sweden to a German Jewish father and a Holocaust-survivor mother from Poland, said he cannot recall his first rescue mission. It may have happened in the army, where he served in the Nahal Brigade’s airborne battalion, and later as an intelligence officer; or maybe when he was the regional Israel Nature and Parks Authority director in the Sinai Peninsula, an area that he still thinks of as a paradise lost and one he doesn’t dare return to as a mere traveler.

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