Israeli universities and institutions are taking on COVID-19

Israeli private and public bodies work hard to combat COVID-19. Please see below further information regarding a list of Potential Short-term Research Projects carried out by leading Israeli universities and research institutions.

Projects include:

  • Agent-Based Simulation of the Spatial Contagion of the Coronavirus in Israeli Cities
  • Info-gaps and Info-demics: Managing uncertainty in new-disease epidemics
  • Using Crowd Sourcing for Protracted Crisis Management
  • Characterization of Corona virus contamination among persons with lower income, refugees, new immigrants
  • Mitigating and managing the Corona crises: Legal and institutional comparative analysis
  • Building public resilience and trust in times of Coronavirus global pandemic hazards: An integrative approach of the person within society
  • Ethical considerations for quarantining individuals with suspected COVID-19 exposure
  • The Impact of Coping with a Global Epidemic on Managing Daily Participation among Breast Cancer Survivors
  • The coronavirus pandemic – Estimating the costs to the economy versus the different measures being taken. A sensitivity analysis
  • Autonomous lodgings – emergency quarantine & treatment
  • The “Coronavirus Domino Effect” of the Tourism Industry: Analysis and Recommendations


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