ISPO Digitize:

Am Mittwoch, 01. Juli 2020, fand unter großem Intersse und  Teilnahme die erste virtuelle ISPO Digitize in München statt.

Fünf innovative Israelische Sporttech Startups präsentierten vor einem breiten Deutschen und Internationalem Publikum ihre innovativen technologischen Lösungen für die Sportwelt:

WSC, Pico,, In the Game und Mixzone haben das Publikum begeistert.

Nach den Pitches haben die Israelischen Firmen die Gelegenheit wahrgenommen mit den Deutschen und Internationalen Teilnehmern individuelle B2B Meetings durchzuführen.

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Eine Beschreibung der jeweiligen technologischen Lösungen finden Sie anbei:

1. WSC Sports Technologies provides customized workflow automation solutions for sports media rights owners, from the intake of live content to the distribution of automatically created short-form videos. WSC’s video technologies analyze sports broadcasts in real time, identify every component of a game, and generate customized highlights of every player, team, and moment. WSC provides a way to extract value from sports broadcasts, enabling broadcasters, federations, leagues, teams, sponsors, and brands to create new content and increase fan interaction and interest. WSC’s platform is being used by leading sports brands to leverage media content, increase fan engagement, strengthen fan loyalty, and create marketing and promotional opportunities.

2. Pico helps companies boost their brand awareness and sports fan engagement with user-generated content. By using user-generated content collected by Pico, companies can increase engagement not only with their fans, but also with friends of those fans. Pico creates a complete user profile for each fan. The company then enhances these profiles by providing useful tips and calls to action. The platform can be used before, during, and after every game to manage fan communication on social channels like Facebook Messenger. Pico utilizes artificial intelligence and purpose-built chatbots to make the process more efficient for teams and more personal for fans.

3. specializes in helping publishers, broadcasters, and content owners better utilize their video content. The company’s AI-driven technology solutions are designed to amplify the effects of video, increasing user engagement and distribution while maximizing content-generated revenue.’s technology automatically identifies the most captivating moments of a video and compiles them into short previews, which are used to capture viewer attention and navigate users toward the video content. It then automatically adapts the content to make it suitable and engaging across any medium, content platform, or technological framework. is developed by Minute Spoteam Ltd.

4. Inthegame is a real-time platform that enables player-led, synchronous predictions across a full range of live events. The software is designed to dramatically enhance user engagement as users become part of the action and allows the audience to easily interact with any event.

5. Mix zone manage to combine a strip of smart screens in a unique technology to give more space and better prestige for the sponsors on the digital backdrops.