Invitation to participate in an international PPP Tender to establish a dual fuel power plant

International Entities and joint ventures from the private sector in Israel and abroad, are invited to participate in a pre-qualification process no. 01/2022 regarding a PPP tender for the finance, design, construction, operation, maintenance and transfer to the State of Israel of a dual fuel Conventional Power Plant to be located in Sorek, Israel, with a capacity between 600-900 MW, including an option to extend the capacity in the future, as shall be determined by the Electricity Authority, all as detailed in the Invitation for Pre-Qualification.

The Tender Committee intends to select the private sector entity to execute the Project, through a competitive process with the following stages:

(a) Stage 1 – a Pre-Qualification Process; and

(b) Stage 2 – a Tender Process in which the Participants announced as “Eligible Participants” in the Pre-Qualification Process will be invited to participate.

The Pre-Qualification includes financial requirements and an experience provider (EPC) requirements as defined in the PQ documents. The identity of the EPC and his compliance with the requirements specified in PQ will be examined at the stage 2.

You can find the pre-screening documents on the Ministry of Finance’s tender website, at:

Updates and addendums are uploaded from time to time in this website.

We can be reached through the POC to this tender as mentioned in the PQ documents and the website.

Submission is open until October 24th 2022 14:00Israel Time (13:00CET).

Please download the full tender HERE.