The Government of Israel, through an Inter-Ministerial Tender Committee comprised of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Transport, National Infrastructures and Road Safety, Inbal Insurance Company (a government-owned Company), and the Ayalon Route Company (a government-owned company responsible for the execution of transportation infrastructure projects in Israel) (all, the “Tender Committee”) hereby invites all local and foreign entities and joint ventures thereof to participate in the Pre-Qualification Process of a Tender for a PPP project for the execution of the Express Lanes – Highway 5 (the “Tender”, or the “Project”).

The Project constitutes of, for indicative purposes only, inter alia, the construction, operation and ,maintenance of three (3) major integrated transport complexes (“ITC”) near Qesem Interchange, near Tiqwa Interchange and near Morasha Interchange; the operation of express lanes along Highway 5 from Qesem Interchange to Glilot East Interchange – both to the east and to the west, in an accumulative length for both directions of approximately 25 km (the “Express Lanes”); the design, build and operation of a toll system and toll collection in the Express Lanes; and the operation of a bus transport array from the ITCs to the metropolitan area of Tel Aviv, For a concession period of twenty eight (28) years and eleven (11) months. The content of the services required of the successful bidder will be finally determined in the Tender stage documents.

Submission is open until December 15 2022, 14:00 Israel Time, 13:00 CET

Please download the full document here.