The Berlin Energyweek and the visit of 6 Israeli companies from the energy sector has come to an end. On March 27 and 28 we hosted a delegation of Israeli energy companies in Berlin!

We are very happy to see a lot of discussions having been kicked-off between the energy industries in Israel and Germany. All discussions confirmed the potential of a close mutual exchange of technologies and experiences and we discovered new and more steps to start concrete pilots and projects.

Decentralization of the Grid and the Decarbonization of the Heavy Industry – our side-event of the BETD

On Monday, March 27rd we held an Israeli side event of the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD) in Berlin.

Dr. Yael Harman Barash, Research and Development Manager at the Israel Ministry of Energy introduced the Energy-Partnership that was signed in March 2022. This partnership will have lasting impact on both ecosystems as becomes more and more evident.

Then we heard a great keynote by Dr. Nurit Gal on the Electricity market in Israel. As Israel is an electricity Island and completely self-sufficient, it is an ideal environment for being a beta-site for new technologies.
In the panel we discussed the challenges and opportunities to decarbonize the heavy-industry in Germany and heard about the efforts of decarbonizing the industry in Israel.

Some takeaways

👉 Cooperation is key – between companies and institutions that were not required to talk to each other before, like transmission grid operators, consumers and producers of green energy.
👉 New abilities and a new mindset are required for this to happen: pro-active approaches on all sides, to express needs and also discuss how demand can become more flexible. Each side needs to understand the limitations and opportunities of the others and this requires mutual understanding and moderation between all parties.
Therefore, the need for consulting services is exploding as organizations need the feed of external expertise to cope with these new challenges quickly and in time.
👉 Energy storage is key! Without energy-storage the transformation will not happen
👉 The grid is the heart of everything and it’s operators are pushed into the role of an ecosystem-player

Thank you to the panelists

We were very happy about the impressive expertise gathered in our panel-discussion:

  • Nurit Gal – CEO of e-NRGY consultancy and former head of regulation at the Electricity Authority
  • Gideon Friedmann, Chief Scientist at the Israel Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure
  • Christoph Reißfelder, Global Lead Energy & Climate Policies Covestro
  • Matthias Zeller, Managing Director Christ&Company
  • Markus Graebig, Corporate Development 50Hertz Transmission GmbH

Photo by Ruthe Zuntz

Photo by Ruthe Zuntz

These are the Israeli tech-companies that came to Berlin

👉 Brenmiller Energy (thermal energy storage)
👉 Silib(Battery Technology)
👉 H2Pro (Hydrogen Production)
👉 GenCell Energy (Hydrogen)
👉 Solardrone (Automated Maintenance and Cleaning of Solar Farms)
👉 A. Electrosonic (Green Rodent Damage Prevention)

Our Team on the ground

Photo by Ruthe Zuntz



Simon Steffgen