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Die Hannover Messe findet dieses Jahr wieder in Präsenz statt. Da darf der Israelische Gemeinschaftsstand natürlich nicht fehlen.

Die Startup-Nation hat auch im Bereich Industrie 4.0 eine große Innovationskraft. Ca. 250 Firmen sind um diese Thematik herum schon entstanden und es werden ständig mehr.

Kommen Sie zu unserem Israelischen Pavilion und treffen Sie neun spannende Firmen aus dem Sektor.

Wir freuen uns auf Sie! Treten Sie gerne schon im Vorfeld mit uns in Kontakt, um meetings mit den ausstellenden Startups zu arrangieren.

Büro München: Vincent Grube (vincent.grube@israeltrade.gov.il)

Büro Berlin: Simon Steffgen (simon.steffgen@israeltrade.gov.il)


Die Firmen

(Der ganze Katalog steht auch hier zum Download bereit)


3d Signals helps manufacturers digitalize their machines to become an industry 4.0 “factory of the future”. Our solution generates visibility and actionable insights within hours, using a range of highly accurate, non-invasive sensors and a cloud-based Asset Performance Monitoring platform.


Transform the way you manage your critical assets. Unique sensing solutions offer timely alerts to protect your business and manufacturing processes


NanoScent is protecting nature’s resources by helping key industries monitor precious necessities. Imagine that you could identify, recognize, and analyze scent as easily as it takes a photo. Voice and face recognition allow our senses to interact with products and services in previously unimaginable ways. But, what about scent recognition?

NanoScent has developed and designed VOCID®, a platform for Volatile Organic Compound identification, patent-protected breakthrough technology is based on sensors capable of detecting volatile biomarkers at concentrations as low as 50 PPB.

Newsight Imaging

Newsight’s leverages are the technical advancements in its sensors. The ability to create data communication and analytics to significantly improve equipment production, processing, worker efficiency and overall safety.
Newsight allows a 3D vision solution for displacement, distance, and thickness measurement applications used in factory automation, electronics production, robotics, and vehicle construction.


Radiflow offers risk assessment and management solutions grounded in deep understanding of the OT/ICS security arena.
We empower our customers to manage their threats with top notch innovative OT cyber security solutions and to optimize OT-security expenditure with ROI based solutions.


Predict & preventquality and yield losses. Reveal and solve the hidden causes of process inefficiencieswith Process-Based Artificial Intelligence™


Secure Your Mass Scale IoT Networks. Shield-IoT provides real-time cyber security and operational monitoring anomaly detection software solutions to protect any IoT device, application or network.


Tomorrow’s Vision, Operational Today. Bridging the gap between the digital twin and the physical world


A-Sensor, smart and easy to use. Take your manufacturing availability, performance and quality to the next level.

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