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Everything is focused on Space tech at the „International Space Tech Pitch 2021“ that will take place virtually from Göppingen. The host HiLab powered by Hoovi (www.hoovi.de) is happy to welcome international space tech startups with their innovative solutions. As an innovation agency Hoovi develops individual and user-centered digital product solutions, digital business models, strategies and ideas for the future of companies and brands.

The HiLab “Space Tech Pitch” is a digital pitch event which aims to shine the spotlight on fresh ideas and solutions in the field of Space Tech. The partner institutions for this event will be Airbus, DLR (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt) and ESA BIC.


We are delighted to present the following three Israeli start-ups:

 Hisky – HiSky has developed proprietory Smartellite terminals, including modem and phased array antennas, hub base stations implemented in saellite teleports, and its own network operations center. hiSky is a network operator that draws capacity from an existing satellite infrustructure; enabling affordable connectivity throughout the world.

Newrocket – Newrocket is developing advanced, environmentally friendly (“Green Propulsion”) rocket engines based on innovative gel-propellant technology

Sixdorf Space – Sixdof Space has created a new optical tracking approach, offering long-awaited breakthroughs in all of these factors. They combine optics, algorithms and electronics in a single package for deployment in a variety of products, in multiple industries. Their patent-pending technology is unique in that it can leverage existing room lights, without modification, or employ simple, coded, infra-red LEDs to serve as location beacons. Embedded in any manufacturer’s existing hardware, the system will independently report accurate position at a very high speed, to any host system.

In addition to the expert partners mentioned above, an international Jury and Investors will attend this Online Event. Fruitful content will come from great speakers like Julian Raatschen, Business Innovation Manager & ESA BIC Coordinator at Airbus, Wiebke Fischer, Economic Officer at Ministry of economy Israel, Christian Holzer, Serial Founder & CEO at Hoovi & HiLab Space as well Dr. Manoj Nimbalkar, Coach and Co-Founder DaretoStart.org India.

We are excited to see some novel technology viewpoints.


To register please use this link:


– hope to see you there.

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