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We kindly invite you to meet us at the tradefair EuroShop, which takes place from February 26th to March 2nd 2023 in Düsseldorf.

Networking Event at the Exhibition on February 28th 10-12am

On February 28th – we will have a unique event at the International Lounge at the Fairground Düsseldorf. You will be able to get in touch with all the 35 Israeli companies that exhibit.

When? February 28th, 10:00-12:00

Where? International Lounge at the exhibition ground. Download the map here.

Registration: Send an email to: Berlin@israeltrade.gov.il

Click here to download the invitation: Download

More than 30 companies will exhibit in the exhibition!

The locations of the Israeli companies can be also found here: Israel at Europeshop 2023

  1. Retano.AI – E17 at Hall 7 – Artificial intelligence for Retail. Improve retail operations with RETANO data-driven management solutions
  2. Algorax – Smart Shelves: the system allows online control as well as monitoring, reinforcing product planogram, simple operation for entire product location aspects, pricing, advertising and client messages
  3. AlgoretailHall 5 / D19-26 – inventory management on the shelves
  4. Arigo-AiHall 5 / B48 AI management technology. Arigo tracks & monitors your point of purchase displays enabling management to make real-time decisions and enhance efficiencies
  5. Cust2Mate Hall 5 / A02 Cust2mate revolutionizes the retail shopping experience. Smart Carts are saving time for shoppers while providing store managers with an unprecedented level of control, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  6. Novisign Hall 5 / A46 digital signage software will help you improve the way you visually communicate
  7. OriientHall 5 / D19-1 – Bringing the GPS revolution indoors with the most scalable and accessible solution for buildings & shopping centers
  8. Palram Hall 4 / C28 – For over 50 years, Palram has continually pushed the limits of thermoplastic technology to solve emerging market challenges. Today, our products are used in countless applications around the world – from stadiums and airports to agricultural facilities, commercial buildings, and private residences.
  9. Shekelonline – the company specializes in the development, production and marketing of scales and “blue and white” weighing systems with advanced technologies for a variety of uses and applications in Israel and around the world
  10. Shopic Hall 6 / G24 Intelligent Retail with the World’s Smartest Shopping Cart
  11. TrigoHall 6 / I68 Trigo tech-powers grocery stores with market leading frictionless checkout and digitized operations
  12. Wi-chargeHall 6 / E53brings sustainable energy to the far edges of your network, making your smart devices even smarter
  13. 1mrobotics Hall 5 / D19-22 – is a startup focusing on the creation of robots that automate what are called dark stores, hoping to decentralise doorstep deliveries to optimise efficiency and improve delivery times, as well as increasing the reach range of shops selling online
  14. RAS Hall 5 / D19-20 is offering to the Israeli Retail market a unique and professional Solutions methodology that brings together the No.1 experts in fields such as:  HW Services, Software, Training, and Marketing
  15. Wasteless helps supermarkets and online grocery stores recapture the full value of their perishable products and reduce food waste through AI-powered dynamic pricing.
  16. Quicklizard Hall 5 / D19-28 – offers a pricing platform that enables full automation of the pricing lifecycle. The Platform includes a rule-based pricing engine, and a full set of AI pricing modules with advance monitoring and management capabilities
  17. Supersmart Hall 5 / D19-24 is becoming the global leader in AI powered fast checkout solutions, they focus on self checkout hardware and software and they are going to present one of their new self checkout scales at Euroshop
  18. icape`s technology enables shops to utilize existing resources and data feeds (CCTV, POS, HRIS and more) to increase Sales and Profits . iCape provides cutting edge analytic solutions to measure, understand, predict and monitor shopper behaviour in brick and mortar environments.
  19. Olmya Hall 5 / D14 – is the retail tech foundation. The foundation hopes to help Israeli startups create bridges with the European and international market
  20. Weezmo Hall 4 / D52 Using a unique identifier, Weezmo connects every attribution point (social channels, eCommerce store, physical stores, and digital receipts), to give you full visibility into your customers’ journeys and turn these touchpoints into engagement opportunities.
  21. Pricer Hall 6 / A76 is providing in-store digital shelf-edge solutions that enhance both store performance and the shopping experience.
  22. Hexa elevates your ecommerce experience with a 3D tech stack that lets you create, manage, analyze, and distribute your 3D assets built around your organization’s needs.
  23. Onebeat  – Generating Margins through Operational Excellence. Onebeat reduces retailers’ misallocated inventory by 20% and increases full-price sales by at least 10%.
  24. Flow`s AI-based Machine Vision identifies products better than humans within the full complexity of a crowded retail store with tens of thousands different products.

Visit also here:

Israel at Europeshop 2023

For more information please contact:

Simon Steffgen


Dana Kitschin


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