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Israel ist Vorreiter im Bereich der Sicherung von kritischer Infrastruktur

Kritische Infrastruktur muss heute gegen verschiedene Bedrohungsszenarien abgesichert werden. Ob physische Attacken oder Hackerangriffe über das Internet – die Gefährdung nimmt stetig zu.

Israel hat auf der einen Seite viel Erfahrung im Umgang mit verschiedensten Angriffsszenarien. Auf der anderen Seite bringt Israel als Startup-Nation auch eine Vielzahl an Technologien hervor, die dabei helfen, sich gegen neue Szenarien zu wappnen.

Zehn Security-Firmen reisen nach Deutschland

Vom 4.-7. Juli wird eine Delegation bestehend aus zehn israelischen Firmen nach Deutschland kommen. Auf zwei Tage in München folgen zwei Tage in Berlin. Die Delegation wird nicht nur von den großen Akteuren empfangen. Sie haben auch die Möglichkeit, sich direkt mit den Startups zu vernetzen:

Netzwerk-Abend in Berlin am 6. Juli, 17-20Uhr

Bei einem Netzwerk-Abend in Berlin können Sie die Firmen persönlich kennenlernen.

Wann? Mittwoch, 6. Juli, 17-20Uhr

Anmeldung? Für die Anmeldung und nähere Informationen wenden Sie sich an Jonathan Matalon: jonathan.matalon@israeltrade.gov.il

Die Firmen


Home – Corsight

Corsight equips security professionals with a powerful, smart camera platform designed to help subdue real-time threats and provide maximum enterprise safety. The company utilizes autonomous AI to organize data into clear, comprehensible intelligence to identify concepts and patterns yielding actionable insights.

C.Mer Industries Ltd.


Focusing on excellence and market leadership, MER Group is a world-leading integrator and innovator in the areas of HLS smart solutions, cyber, intelligence, big data, communication- infrastructure & tactical, emergency services, Defense and more. Offering turnkey projects that are impeccably planned and executed from start to finish.

Magal Security Systems Ltd.


Magal is a leading international provider of solutions for physical and video security solutions. Over the years, Magal has delivered products, tailor-made security solutions & turnkey projects to hundreds of satisfied customers in over 80 countries – under some of the most challenging conditions.

Magna BSP


Magna BSP provides 3D video surveillance solutions for borders, airports, seaports, nuclear facilities, and other critical infrastructure. Its adaptable and customizable passive electro-optic radar security systems offer perimeter protection, drone detection, and maritime security.

Magos Systems

Perimeter Security – Intrusion Detection System | Magos Systems

Magos Systems designs and manufactures staring radars, offering a cost-effective alternative to other perimeter detection and protection solutions on the market. The company’s radars operate at a range of up to 400 meters when detecting humans and 600 meters when detecting vehicles and boats. The radars provide high resolution (up to 40 centimeters), between 120 and 360-degree coverage, and low-power consumption (less than 2.5 watts).

Octopus Systems

OCTOPUS | Fusion Platform (octopus-app.com)

Octopus Systems integrates physical security, cybersecurity, IoT, and big data technologies to develop, design, and deliver a revolutionary fusion platform. The company’s solution provides automated analysis and workflows for technologies, assets, people, and incidents, all from a single pane of glass.



Percepto develops on-site autonomous drone solutions for critical infrastructure and industrial sites. With no need for human intervention, Percepto’s autonomous Sparrow drones perform multiple missions around the clock.

Phantom Technologies

Advanced Security Solutions – Phantom Technologies (phantom-technologies.com)

Phantom Technologies provides a variety of jamming solutions for RF-based communication applications such as cellular, WiFi, tactical communications, and satellite phones.

RBtec Perimeter Security Systems

Perimeter Security Systems PIDS | RBtec

RBtec Perimeter Security Systems was established in 1986 by security experts using extensive knowledge and many years of field experience in large integrated outdoor fence intrusion detection systems projects from small to high-risk large installations.



RT designs, develops, and manufactures the Skystar family of aerostats (lighter-than-air aircraft) for use in intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and communications applications. Skystar products are designed for users in prevent-prepare-respond-recover settings who require continuous and compact aerial support.

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