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Hannover Messe ist die führende Industriemesse. Auch in diesem Jahr sind israelische Tech-Firmen wieder vertreten.

Treffen Sie die Innovationstreiber aus der Startup-Nation persönlich vor Ort!

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New Technology for fast shaping of tough materials. Based on deep knowledge and decades of experience in the area of materials, R&D and manufacturing they developed new technology that allows shaping metallic and ceramic materials with unprecedented ease and speed. Their product is a new metal shaping technology that combines novel powder metallurgy material and ultra fast (10x) CNC machining enabling 3x productivity increase in rapid hard-to-machine parts prototyping and tool making industries.

CoreTigo enables faster and more flexible manufacturing by providing high-performance machine digitalization, wireless connectivity and edge solutions for machine builders, system integrators and industrial equipment manufacturers. CoreTigo’s products enable the design and retrofit of machines and production lines that were not possible before. These solutions increase flexibility, adaptivity and modularity, resulting in cost effectiveness, increased productivity and downtime reduction.

Transform the way you manage your critical assets and empower sustainable manufacturing and value creation. With a unique ink-based sensing technology, combining a printed nanotechnology sticker sensor and proprietary analytics, parameter changes and upcoming failures in industrial and process systems are detected.

High quality machining parts, delivered just in time. Order machining parts with a digital platform that gives you flexibility and certainty.

Within the last three decades, Metalicone has perfected the art of precision down to a single micron (0.001 mm) and established itself as a leading manufacturer of high-quality, machined metal parts and sub-assemblies. Metalicone serves a range of end markets, including machine tools, commercial printing, aerospace, equipment builders for the HighTech industries (manufacturing and quality control equipment), tooling fixtures & dies, hydraulic blocks & manifold, sub-system assemblies and others.

Newsight Imaging is an Israeli Semiconductor Startup company, bringing breakthrough technology to be affordable and accessible to the mass market.
The goal: Making 3D technology accessible for mass market applications across industries.

POLYN Technology is a fabless semiconductor company, supplying high-performance Neuromorphic Analog Signal Processing (NASP) technology and application-specific ultra-low-power Tiny AI neuromorphic analog chips. NASP is ideal for raw sensor data pre-processing.

Xyte provides a first-of-its-kind Connected Device Platform (CDP) – a suite of cloud based tools that allows manufacturers and integrators across different industries to easily cloudify their environments, leveraging the as-a-Service business model and natively integrate with other cloud services. Xyte supports remote management and support, collaboration between manufacturers and channel partners, management of the relationship with the end user, and commercializing service packages.

Intelligent air compressor control & monitoring platform improves your system reliability, prevents downtime, and saves you up to 50% on your energy cost.

Fast, Easy Deployment and Operation of Multiple Robots Working Together.
Industrial robots require highly complex programming and maintenance, resulting in costly, lengthy integration and operation. Their collaborative AI software enables quick, simple, low-cost setup and maintenance of multiple robots that cooperate autonomously and efficiently.

3d Signals helps manufacturers digitalize their machines to become an industry 4.0 “factory of the future”. Their solution generates visibility and actionable insights within hours, using a range of highly accurate, non-invasive sensors and a cloud-based Asset Performance Monitoring platform.

At the heart of their disruptive edge multisensing technology is their unique, fully integrated, high-performance multisensing system in a plastic chip for direct integration into plastic. EZMEMS digitizes conventional products and systems by integrating its edge multisensing disruptive chip to enable deterministic, high-performance and cost-effective edge analytics and sensor fusion, replacing existing bulky and expensive sensing approaches.

Redefining manufacturing digitalization and shop-floor management. Aggregate, analyze and act in real-time, gain production efficiency and improve overall productivity and profitability

NanoScent has developed and designed VOCID®, a platform for Volatile Organic Compound identification, patent-protected breakthrough technology is based on sensors capable of detecting volatile biomarkers at concentrations as low as 50 ppb.

Monitoring Hydrogen Quality:  VOCID® H2Confirm monitors and detects trace impurities in hydrogen quality according as per  ISO-14687, providing a result in just a few minutes. Add VOCID® H2Confirm to your operations as an hydrogen quality monitoring tool that can track your hydrogen quality automatically.


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