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Mit dem Begriff Smart City ist die Hoffnung verbunden, Städte fit zu machen für die Herausforderungen der Zukunft. Städte sollen lebenswert sein, zugänglich, dem Klimawandel angepasst, effizient und vernetzt.

Die Smart City Initiative Connected Essen empfängt uns gemeinsam mit der Essener Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft EWG  in den Räumen von BRYCK, dem Innovations- und Zukunftshub des Ruhrgebietes. Wir freuen uns sehr auf den Empfang und sind gespannt, die dynamische Ruhrgebietsmetropole kennenzulernen.

8 Firmen aus der Startup-Nation Israel werden sich mit Pitches präsentieren. Im Anschluss haben Sie die Möglichkeit, sich mit den Firmenvertreter*innen direkt zu vernetzen und auszutauschen.

Wir laden auch Sie herzlich ein dabei zu sein!

Wann? Donnerstag, 7. September, 14:30-17:00Uhr
Wo? BRYCK GmbH & Co. KG, Jakob-Funke-Platz 2, 45127 Essen

Anmeldung: Klicken Sie HIER
14:30-15:00 Welcome-Notes & Presentation on Smart-City Activities in the City of Essen
15:00-16:00 Elevator Pitches Startups
16:00-17:00 Get Together & Networking

Interessiert? Lernen Sie die Firmen hier genauer kennen

Smart Mobility

  • Hopon: Mobility, Ticketing and Big Data Solutions. The proven big data platform for hassle-free travel across entire urban networks. Increased Efficiency | User Satisfaction | In-Depth Database. HopOn technology was created to support public transportation of the future. The HopOn platform helps you transition smoothly to MaaS, with post-paid, account-based billing and best-price models.
  • Actelis Actelis networking solutions unlock the hidden value in essential industrial, commercial and community networks, providing efficient, safe connectivity for rapid deployment. Our network solutions impact the providers, organizations & users of these essential networks.
  • eLink Air ERS (Electrified Road System) is a key tool in the quest to electrify transportation. Supplying electricity to vehicle on-the-move is the most economical and clean way to energize transportation. Electric trains and tramways are known for over a century, however – they are confined to their rails, which is a huge limitation. The only vehicles on rubber wheels that have been electrified on-the-move are the trolleybus and some form of monorail. These technologies again confine the vehicle to drive only in their dedicated routes.

Connectivity & Smart Infrastructure

  • Radwin: Best-in-class wireless solutions that enrich people’s lives. Best-in-class residential connectivity, powering wireless broadband connectivity for public transportation on the move. Unmatched SLA businesses connectivity, deployed by service providers worldwide.
  • flycomm: A breakthrough cloud-based software platform, based on unique algorithms for monitoring, managing & planning communication – based 5G applications for the smart-city ecosystem
  • NewSight Imaging – Newsight’s sensors are optimal for IoT smart cities use. The NSI1000 sensor captures 3D mapping of the environment at up to 100,000 fps. The sensors are able to capture both camera and 3D output in the same frame, for ultimate cost reduction of additional hardware and computing. Possible applications: Smart street lighting, Traffic light traffic monitoring, Smart building and doors for surveillance, Drones for mapping, 3D for infrastructure monitoring, detailed to the smallest crack.
  • Thinkz Smart cities are great, but liveable, intelligent cities, are sensational! Thinkz’ revolutionary technology enables live connectivity between different types of IoTs, creating a responsive, comprehensive, real-time network of all Things. The power of collaboration between Things gives the city limitless options to elevate urban living. For Residents: Connecting data from public transportation paired with information from restaurants, health facilities, and public spaces. For Businesses and Visitors: Visitors will be able to visit a comprehensive, online hub where they can plan their entire adventure, factoring in current conditions and planned, future events. That gives travelers both peace of mind as well as a sense of security that their journey will meet all their expectations.

Citizen Engagement

  • Safemeet: A platform built for a new way of connecting people by character and needs. Children’s age 14-18 at school will not be alone since they have only 3 friends in a big city, but have no connection to 1,000 potential friends.


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