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The Sunnyside APV Summit is around the corner!

Photovoltaics for agriculture spaces is not only on the the rise but is expected to play a crucial role in the development of agriculture in Israel and on a global level as well. Therefore, this is an event of utmost importance to the future of Israeli and global agriculture, produced by MIGAL Institute, Fraunhofer ISE, and dozens of governmental institutes and organizations in the fields of renewable energy in agriculture in order to establish the R&D center of the innovative APV field.

At the first-ever Summit in Israel, we will discuss the challenges, solutions, economic and regulatory feasibility of implementing Agrivoltaic technologies in Israel and worldwide.

This event is free of charge, hybrid (the physical event will be held at Galilion Hotel), and most of it will be in English with simultaneous translation to Hebrew and English.

For registration, please use the following link: Registration-Link

For further information please get in touch:


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