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“Working from Home” ist gerade in dieser Zeit sehr verbreitet. Dies bringt spezifische Risiken mit sich. Wir möchten Sie zu unserem Cyber Webinar einladen  – hier wird auf diese Risiken eingegangen und entsprechende Lösungen werden vorgestellt:

Das Webinar findet am Donerstag, 2. April, um 11:00 CET statt.

Unter diesem Link können Sie sich registrieren:  https://lnkd.in/dBQWCRm


Der Fokus liegt auf der Sicherheit für das “Remote Working”.

Diese 5 Firmen werden sich und ihre Lösungen präsentieren:

“GuardiCore is a data center and cloud security company that protects organizations’ core assets using flexible, quickly deployed, and easy-to-understand microsegmentation controls.
GuardiCore develops technologies for internal data center security and breach detection, offering enterprises real-time visibility, understanding, and response for illicit activity within their data centers.
Leveraging threat deception and application-level network visualization, GuardiCore’s distributed breach detection and automated attack mitigation solution can address security challenges across virtual high-traffic data center environments.
GuardiCore was named a cool vendor in “Cool Vendors in Security for Midsize Enterprises, 2018” by the Gartner Research Group.

Hunters AI
Hunters.AI is the developer of an autonomous solution for threat hunting. The company combines attack intelligence, hunting artificial intelligence, and continuous automation with the enterprise’s existing security data. Hunters.AI generates and delivers actionable visualized attack stories, helping organizations quickly and effectively identify, understand, and respond to attacks.”

Panorays specializes in automating third-party security management. The company’s platform enables companies to easily view, manage, and engage with the cyber-security posture of their third parties, vendors, suppliers, and business partners. The platform inherently combines a continuous hacker’s view of the evaluated company together with internal policy enforcement.
Companies using Panorays can dramatically shorten their third-party security evaluation process and gain continuous visibility while ensuring compliance with regulations such as GDPR and NY DFS.
Panorays is a SaaS-based platform, with no installation needed.

Silverfort protects enterprises from data breaches, cyber attacks, and insider threats by preventing credential compromise and misuse throughout the entire corporate network and cloud infrastructure. Silverfort’s security platform continuously discovers, analyzes, and secures all authentication and access activity by any user or system, via any device, to any corporate resource.
Silverfort leverages its patent-pending technology to seamlessly strengthen the basic authentication and access mechanisms that are built into all client devices and services, instantly equipping them with the latest authentication and access protection technologies without installing any software agents on client devices or servers.
The company was a winner of Frost & Sullivan’s New Product Innovation Award for 2017.

Big ID
BigID aims to transform how enterprises protect and manage the privacy of personal data. By bringing data science to data privacy, BigID aims to give enterprises the software to safeguard and steward their customer data. BigID was named a cool vendor in “Cool Vendors in Privacy Management, 2018” by the Gartner Research Group.


Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Teilnahme!


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