Project Description

Fitango Oncology™ is an end-to-end oncology decision support, care management and patient
engagement platform focused on improving outcomes in a value-based environment Medicine.

Fitango Health Supports Your Clinical Decision-Making Oncology centers and healthcare facilities can now use the Fitango Oncology™ platform and utilize
the Pathways technology to create custom treatment plans for providers and patients. Clinicians
can also create clinical trials from inception with all the tools needed to track, manage, and analyze
data with the platform.

Oncologists can create custom oncology pathways based on their own process or on the requirements
of the rare cases they may encounter. Oncologists can also:
The Fitango Oncology™ platform feuls precision medicine for clinicians to deliver
the best possible patient care. By utilizing the innovative clinical decision-support
technology, clinicians can create custom, evidence-based regimens, treatment
plans and curate quality processes for all stakeholders.

The interdisciplinary platform brings together the patient, their family and care
team on one holistic platform to ensure patients are informed and involved
throughout their cancer journey*.
Select from evidence-based care guidelines (such as NCCN, ASCO, ESMO, or their own) and create custom care plans
Develop a protocol for rare and novel patient cases
Streamline and standardize triage care coordination
By building and prescribing custom treatment plans, the relationship with the patient is both active
and engaged. And with our end-to-end engagement for all involved stakeholders, the application
can be a true companion for the entire cancer journey*.


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