A successful InsureTech Webinar for Africa was organised three weeks ago with over 60 participants across the continent specifically in Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania  participating. They represented a broad spectrum of companies including insurance companies, software engineering companies, insuretech companies, consulting groups and banks.

We had 4 speakers who shared about the following:

  • Carbyne, Ohad Rubinstein, Vice President, Sales – Carbyne-insurance platform unifies and simplifies the claiming process by utilizing advanced remote real-time communication systems, while maintaining customer satisfaction, and reducing claiming costs for insurance companies.  carbyne911.com
  • Digitalowl, Yuval Man, Adv. CEO – Automatically analyzes medical documents, helping improve the speed and accuracy of risk selection and claim settlement.  www.digitalowl.com
  • Glassboxdigital, Yoav Schreiber, COO – A platform that helps make customer experiences intuitive and safe at a fraction of the effort. glassboxdigital.com
  • Nemesysco, Amir Liberman, CEO – Provides unique voice analysis technology & solutions for employees vetting, insurance fraud prevention and call center markets. nemesysco.

Below are the links of some of the presentations made: