We excited to have Maame Yaa Owusu-Amoah join our team as a business development manager in charge of the Fintech, Cybertech and innovation sectors.

Maame joins us following a four (4) year period of bringing impact driven mobile for development solutions to people in the Global South through her work as a senior project manager and subsequently as a consultant on special projects with Viamo’s design and implementation team.

While at Viamo, Maame led multiple projects in partnership with leading development partners including the World Bank and a cluster of UN organizations with proven impact in Africa and other countries in the Global South.

Prior to that she worked as a volunteer entrepreneur helping women in local Ghanaian markets gain access to finance. She intends to consolidate this diverse but equally rich global experience to bear in shaping delivery outcomes which inure to the mutual benefits of Africans and the people of Israel.

Maame is passionate and enthusiastic about leapfrogging development in Africa leveraging technology. She is keen on bringing together Israeli and Ghanaian businesses through trade and strategic partnerships.

She intends to help build, synergize and develop these relationships leading to enhanced sustainable socio-economic activity between both countries.

She holds a Master of Arts in Global Development and Africa from the University of Leeds and a Bachelor of Science in Finance from GIMPA

We wish Maame well and look forward to accomplishing great things through her work at the trade mission