The Israeli Trade and Economic Mission in Ghana in partnership with The Israeli Export Institute organized an exclusive webinar to introduce relevant perimeter security solutions to local security companies, large-scale security systems integrators/ distributors, real-estate developers, and construction consultants or companies.

This comes as part of the Mission’s recent expanded activities in the Homeland Security (HLS) sector.

The online event included presentations by key Israeli solutions, as well as many successful B2B meetings.

This comes at a time, when homeland security needs in Ghana are growing due to rising criminal and terrorist security threats, alongside rapidly developing infrastructure and industry and their associated security needs.

The Mission’s focus seeks to match these growing security needs with the relevant excellent solutions coming from Israel. Israel’s HLS prowess has been honed over the decades of facing terrorism threats. Israel, out of necessity, has come to excel in the homeland security arena. The country’s security awareness and high level of preparedness are the driving forces for the development of its cutting-edge security industry.

No other country has a higher percentage of former army, police, and security forces with hands-on experience in combatting terrorism. Add to that the world-class innovation characterizing the “Startup Nation,” and it is little wonder that countries around the world turn to Israel for solutions to internal security challenges.

Israel’s national security relies on innovative, cutting-edge technologies, operationally proven methodologies, and comprehensive manpower training and qualification. The solutions provided by Israeli companies in this sector are often customized and adjusted to meet specific customer requirements.

Israel has much to offer in terms of advanced, yet cost-effective and efficient solutions for Ghana’s HLS needs.

For further details please contact our lead for the HLS sector, Mr. Edwin Acquah.