Water is and has always been, a very scarce resource in Israel, forcing the state to promote technological innovation and superb management of its water from the time it was established.
As a result, Israel today not only comfortably meets its water demand, but exceeds it, and has become a regional exporter of water and a global exporter of water tech. Israeli water tech is spearheading the shift towards sustainable water management through a broad range of technologies including energy-efficient desalination, environmentally friendly biological wastewater treatment for cost-efficient water reclamation, smart irrigation for reduced water consumption and increased crop yield, and remote leak detection for reduced wastefulness.

Israel leads the world in water reclamation, treating over 80% of its wastewater for reuse in agriculture. Additionally, Israel is number one in the world in crop-yield to water ratio. Israeli tech, methodologies, and expertise in water management are highly sought after, with its exports in water tech amounting to over $2B annually.

Ghana is currently experiencing massive freshwater bodies’ destruction due to many factors including illegal small-scale mining, resulting in a mounting drinking water crisis.

Israeli water technologies can provide solutions for many of Ghana’s water issues. From unique low-cost filtration systems to innovative wastewater treatment solutions, Israeli WASH solutions hold much potential for Ghana.

As part of the Trade Missions’ focus on the water sector, several key events are planned for 2022, including an event highlighting water equipment, an event on various bottled water solutions, an event on water equipment, and an event on sanitation solutions and technologies.

Our lead on the water sector, Mr. Kirk Amoah, is always available for further information or to help match the right solutions, partners, or technologies specific to your needs. Please feel free to contact him.