The Trade and Economic Mission to Ghana is excited to expand its focus and expertise into the Communications sector, bringing many exciting Israeli connectivity solutions and partnership opportunities to the local market. These connectivity technologies have the potential to provide great solutions to a variety of communications needs in Ghana and the region.

This broadened focus was kicked off with a first live virtual event titled ‘Smart Connectivity Solutions for Good’. The event included a discussion on pertinent challenges in spectrum technologies and connectivity delivery, presentations on a variety of Israeli technologies with the potential and capacity to address identified challenges in innovative ways, and facilitation of B2B’s in order to further explore the many partnerships opportunities in this sector.

With over 40 high-level participants representing major Ghanaian and Nigerian telcos, ISPs, integrators; and some top Israeli companies such as Amdocs, Gilat Telecom, Compira Labs, and Fibernet, the event proved to be a successful kickoff, to what is just the beginning of the Mission’s activity to promote opportunities in the communications sector.

Through the event, several channels of now-ongoing communication between the Israeli and local companies have been opened. Just as importantly, the Israeli companies were exposed to the local needs, met great potential local partners, and demonstrated their keen interest and willingness to enter into the Ghanaian and Nigerian markets and explore local solutions with existing players.

The Israeli companies that presented in the event included high-density fiber optic solutions, network hardware and related accessories, solutions for automation and integration of the billing processes for fully managed services suites, solutions for optimization of OTT delivery and UCaaS, Cloud-based VAS, and related services.

For further information on any of these companies, or to explore other solutions and possibilities in the communications and connectivity space, please contact Mr. Edwin Acquah, our lead on this exciting sector.



AMDOCS software offerings for centralized network management and optimization comprise key capabilities such as call geolocation, intelligent correlation, and automated optimization to maximize mobile network performance and customer experience. This product line features unique and flexible capabilities that bring together all the important aspects of network optimization, enabling service providers to maximize the return from their multi-vendor and multi-technology networks, and deliver optimal customer service.

The Amdocs portfolio enables service providers to capture the world of digital immediacy by operating across digital dimensions to engage customers with personalized, omnichannel experiences. This creates a diversified business to capture new revenue streams; becoming data empowered to make business and operational decisions based on insight-based and predictive analytics, and achieving service agility to accelerate the fast rollout of new technologies and hybrid network services.

GILAT TELECOM satellite and fiber-based cellular backhaul solutions bridge communication gaps with reliable, broadband connections directly from any location. The Gilat Telecom Hybrid Solution combines the cellular and satellite technologies giving operators the opportunity to offer the best of both – affordable broadband service everywhere and for everyone. Easily scalable, this vendor-agnostic platform integrates seamlessly with your core network and ensures smooth transitions to new cellular technologies.

COMPIRALABS’ solution provides online rate adaptation at the service’s traffic sources, which is tailored to the service-specific performance requirements and the local network conditions at each individual traffic source. By incorporating Compira Labs’ software into the server-side network stack at edge nodes, operators, service providers, and CDNs can continuously, optimize QoE for subscribers. The end result is significantly improved user satisfaction and engagement, along with reduced churn and support overhead.

RunEL is introducing the Sparq-2020 System on Chip (SoC) for 5G infrastructure. The SoC includes a complete 3GPP 5G (Release 15) Physical (PHY) and Media Access (MAC) layer functionality, which are optimized for low latency and high-reliability performance. In addition to the standard-compliant functionality, the company introduced some substantial innovation to the evolving 5G PHY and MAC layers architecture, including the Sparq Minislots and the I-MEC, which reduces the latency in wireless broadband cellular communication to unprecedented records in order to enable applications such as V2X, Remote Surgery, Online Gaming, Automated Factory, etc.