GMX Systems Ghana Limited, an Israeli Company that deals in advanced surveying equipment, construction and handheld devices, and high precision GNSS positioning solutions, has launched operations here in Ghana bringing a slew of advanced equipment and solutions to the Ghanaian market.

In a festive event attended by leading industry stakeholders, the Israeli Ambassador to Ghana, and the Israel Trade Mission team, GMX formally marked its Ghanaian launch.

Mrs. Shlomit Sufa, Israel Ambassador to Ghana expressed her belief that GMX’s presence in Ghana would be a catalyst for the introduction of Israeli technologies and innovation to land surveying and related fields in the country, including diverse fields such as construction, agriculture, mining, and infrastructure projects.

“As an embassy, this is what we hope to see and strive to do by supporting the sharing of Israeli capabilities, ingenuity, innovation, and good products to Ghana – products and solutions that will bring added value to Ghanaian private and government sectors,” she said.

Mr. Tal Haddas, Founder of GMX Systems Limited in Ghana stated in his remarks that the company decided to come to Ghana to build networks and join forces with existing and new partners in the country and the sub-region.

Mr. Haddas disclosed that the company intends to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Lands Commission of Ghana in relation to providing technology for accurate land registration.

Mr. Stephen Djaba, Managing Director of Geo-Tech Systems Limited discussed the collaboration between Geo-Tech Systems and GMX Systems calling it very positive.
He described how this collaboration has led to the development of technology applications for land administration in Ghana. The partnership between the two companies created the opportunity for GMX Systems to build CORS Stations (GPS reference network) across Ghana where surveyors would be able to use GPS to work anywhere in the country. Mr. Djaba described how the creation of the CORS stations would help to reduce the cost of land surveying and practice as well as remove quack surveyors from the system. He further explained that the new network created would help the Survey Department to be able to control surveying in the country. He maintained that the partnership has come at the right time to help both surveyors and non-surveyors, contractors, and engineers to be able to do their work well.

“This is something that the land administration has been seeking for over a decade and has until now not been successful. Fortunately, our new partnership with GMX has brought this success. We are proud to say that Ghana has one of the best geometric reference networks in West Africa which people from the sub-region can come and learn from”.

GMX is offering a wide range of products that can suit every need and job, from industrial measuring instruments suitable for aerospace applications to basic laser instruments for everyday applications; relevant for a wide range of fields including land surveying, construction, land management, industry, agriculture, and many others.

GMX’s core principle is to provide reliable, fast, and best service for the customer with the most advanced solutions for his needs.

For more information on GMX please visit their website or contact Kirk Amoah, our lead on the Mining, Water, and Agriculture Sectors.