The Israel Trade and Economic Mission to Ghana, in collaboration with the Agrihouse foundation, organized a successful agric-innovation study and networking tour.

The tour was geared towards a mixed delegation of Ghana’s “best-farmer award” recipients, “top agric-innovators award” recipients, and several key agric sector players.

As part of the 2021 National Farmers Day Celebrations, The President of the Republic of Ghana, H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo, and the Hon. Dr. Afriyie Akoto Owusu, Minister of Food and Agriculture, presented the “2021 National Best Farmer Awards” to the top two farmers in Ghana. As part of the award package, sponsored by Broadspectrum Group and Agrihouse Foundation, the best farmers were awarded an agric innovation study tour to Israel.

Likewise, the Embassy of Israel’s Green Innovation Competition winners were awarded participation in the agric innovation study tour.

At the Israel Trade and Economic Mission, we couldn’t agree more; Israel’s innovation and agri-technologies hold much promise for agri-development in Ghana and is a great way to help outstanding farmers and green innovators achieve even more. With that in mind, our lead on Agriculture, Mr. Kirk Amoah, in collaboration with Ms. Alberta, CEO of Agrihouse Foundation organized a very successful delegation.

The five-day results-oriented trip enabled the participants to study various agricultural innovations and best practices in Israel, explore potential business and investment relationships with Israeli companies and businesses, and build relationships to promote knowledge transfer and possible Israel-Ghana agric collaborations.

The visit included a tour of the Peres Center for Innovation and Peace to explore the underlying building blocks of innovation, B2B meetings with selected highly-relevant Israeli Agtech companies at the Israel Export Institute, meetings with the 2022 Pears Challenge participants, a prestigious Israeli early-stage venture builder that is focused on “Resilient and Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems in Ghana”, tours of agric R&D centers, showcase farms, livestock farms, fertilizer manufacturing sites, The Cocoa Cure Center rehabilitation research project, and more.

The seeds of many future successful Israel-Ghana agric collaborations were planted, knowledge and ideas were shared, and best practices were studied, paving the way for further innovation and growth.

This delegation and other projects aimed at connecting the Ghanaian and Israeli Agric sectors offer much potential for increasing yields and strengthening the resilience of Ghanaian agriculture.
Why? Let’s take a brief look at the Israeli Agriculture sector and what it can offer.

According to AgFunder, Israel is ranked among the top five countries in the world in innovative developments in Agri-Food. Israel’s strong agritech sector stems from governmental support and the learning to manage with the local shortage of natural resources. This fostered innovative methods and technologies for “growing more with less” even before the founding of the modern State of Israel, long before it became a global issue. There is a global move towards data-enabled technology and the Internet of Things- technologies where Israel is acknowledged as a global leader. The range of Israel’s agritech innovation capabilities is broad and varied. It includes solutions that range from the cutting edge such as swarming robot drones and big data analytics software, to simple and cheap, yet effective solutions like drip irrigation.

Ghana’s agriculture is largely smallholder farmer-dominated and rainfed. With the increasing demand for imported agricultural products and the current lack of capacity of smallholder farmers to satisfy growing market demand, as well as global shortages and increasing and rising fertilizer costs, the introduction of Israel’s innovative agriculture technologies into Ghana’s agriculture would be hugely beneficial. From innovative yet simple irrigation kits to greenhouse farming solutions, simple farming digitalization apps; and post-harvest storage; these economical and scalable solutions can contribute tremendously to the increase of Ghana’s yields per acre, helping smallholder farmers be more competitive, increasing jobs for youth, and stabilizing the local food supply.

Whether you think of Israel as the land of milk and honey, or the land of agri-drones and drip irrigation, one thing is sure – Israel is the place to go for great agriculture solutions that can help grow your agri-business and Ghana.

For more information on future events or to explore Israel-Ghana agric opportunities please contact Mr. Kirk Amoah, our lead on the Agriculture sector.


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