The Israel Trade and Economic mission in Ghana is an agency of the Foreign Trade Administration under the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry.
Our mission is to promote, enhance and facilitate trade, investment and industrial R&D between Ghana and Israel.
The Trade Mission’s work is divided into several segments, including Agricultural technology, Cyber, Fin-Tech & Insure-Tech, Health, high tech telecommunications and water technologies among others.
The Trade and Economic mission works tirelessly to develop strategic bilateral partnerships and valuable collaboration prospects between companies in both countries

The Foreign Trade Administration’s divisions:

International Trade Policies and Agreements:
Responsible for the advancement and maintenance of international trade agreements.


Service Quality and Knowledge Management:
Promoting the preservation of knowledge, the development of human capital in the organization and the improvement of the quality of service in the Administration.


The International Projects and Financing Division: Offering a range of programs aimed at initiating and intensifying the economic activity of Israeli industry in the international arena.


Export Promotion: Operates to ensure the continued development and expansion of Israel’s export operations in overseas markets.