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The 1st annual Ghana-Israel Fintech Summit dubbed GIFS2022 will take place June 1-2, 2022.

The two-day conference and exhibition are set to be a major fintech event for industry and government leaders. The summit aims to provide the platform for participants to hear from and engage the brightest minds in the fintech industry in Ghana and Israel and will enable participation in thematic workshops and provide networking opportunities for senior-level fintech professionals.

The organizers and partners include The Israel Trade and Economic Mission to Ghana, The Embassy of Israel in Ghana, Senior Ghanaian Regulators, Israel Export Institute, IT Consortium, and Zeepay – a range of premier government and private sector actors in this sector.

The summit will include the participation of a delegation of leading Israeli Fintech and Cyber companies, leading Ghanaian Fintech and related companies, Government stakeholders and regulators, and Senior industry professionals.

The summit will focus on practical panel discussions, workshops, B2B’s, and work meetings.
Panel discussions are set to discuss “Managing Cyber Risks and Fraud – a key factor for business resilience and growth”, “Harnessing technology to enable access to lending and insurance for Financial Inclusion”, and “How are blockchain technologies reshaping trading and investing?”
Workshops will include sessions on Fintech Security, Cloud Security, and Cyber Attack Simulations.

The summit is taking place in the context of the fast rate of growth and evolvement of Ghana’s fintech sector. Today in Ghana, one can take loans, make payments, crowdsource and manage financial assets from a mobile phone. The telecoms play a critical role in the fintech ecosystem in Ghana and are the bedrock for most payment systems in the fintech space popularly known as Mobile Money. Focusing on digitalization as a tool for growth, the government – through the financial service regulator (BOG) has set up an office to oversee the growth of fintech and innovation in Ghana’s financial service delivery. Despite the growth and success stories, Ghana’s fintech sector still battles increasing fraudulent activities and cybercrimes. There is also the issue of high-interest rates since credit scoring still remains a challenge.
Israel as a nation has made huge advances in the area of innovation and technology in various sectors including fintech. These breakthrough advances are contributing to innovation in financial service delivery all over the world and we believe Ghana can benefit from Israel’s wealth of knowledge and experience in the sector.
As such, the summit is being organized, to bring together the key stakeholders in the Ghanaian fintech space, to deliberate on positioning the sector as an engine of inclusive growth, and how a partnership with the Israeli fintech ecosystem can support this vision.


For further details or to request an invitation please contact Maame Yaa Amoah, our lead on the Fintech sector.


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