How to apply for a BUSINESS VISA to Ghana

Please visit the website of the Ghana Embassy in Israel for more information and an online visa application.

Applicants must also submit the following documents:

  • Completed visa application form (Affix one passport size picture with glue at top right comer)
  • Valid passport for at least six (6) months before expiration
  • Letter of invitation from host in Ghana or hotel reservation
  • Flight confirmation statement or return air ticket from an acknowledged travel Agent
  • Visa Fee –  in cash
  • Four photographs of applicant. (must be taken within the last three months)
  • Valid yellow fever vaccination certificate
  • A letter from your firm guaranteeing your stay in Ghana and stating the reasons for your visit in English.  Two (2) References are required.
  • Provide the names, business and email addresses as well as the telephone numbers, one which must be a mobile phone number, of your business associates and their companies as your references in Ghana.
  • A hotel may be used only as a second reference.  The Ghana Embassy reserves the right to demand a letter of guarantee from your business associates in Ghana.


Amounts payable must be cash payments only and are non-refundable.

  • ECOWAS citizens (Economic Community of West African States)          – Gratis
  • Single Entry Visa: (must be used within 3 months from date of issue) – NIS 250
  • Multiple Entry Visa                                                                                         – NIS 380


  • Applicants should be of Israeli Nationality or be officially resident in Israel.
  • Applicants must include their passports as part of their applications, as all visas, if issued, are inserted into the passports.
  • Incomplete visa forms or incorrect information will render your application for a visa permit void
  • All visa applicants are advised to submit their applications and passports for visas two weeks to one month prior to the intended date of departure. However, an application for a visa shall take not more than FIVE (5) business days to process.

Validity and residence period: A single entry Visa is valid for entry into Ghana within three months, i.e. the visa expires if not used to travel within three (3) months from the date of issue. However, the actual period permitted for stay in Ghana shall be as endorsed by Ghana Immigration Service at the point of entry into Ghana, usually 60 days.

Special note for multiple entry applicants: Multiple entry visas endorsed for six (6) months means that the applicant is granted unlimited entries into Ghana within six (6) months of date of issue of the visa. It does not entitle the applicant to enter and remain in Ghana for six months. On each entry into Ghana, the Ghana Immigration Service at the point of entry will endorse the period of permitted stay in Ghana, usually 60 days.