Project Description

The Dead Sea in the Jordan River Valley in Israel, is the lowest place on earth.
Dead Sea water is uniquely rich in a variety of health-giving minerals such as sulfur, iodine, magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium and many others.
For generations, the special combination of these minerals has helped alleviate the irritation and itching caused by problematic skin. Scores of people from all over the world visit health spas on the shores of the Dead Sea to improve their conditions by immersion in the therapeutic water.

Now what if you could bring the Dead Sea home to you?
That is what “Yarden: Partners with Nature” has been doing with its line of natural soaps and cosmetics based on Dead Sea minerals and local natural herbs from Israel.

Their soaps can alleviate problems associated with psoriasis, acne, etc. The mud soap is used as a face and/or body lotion, the mineral soap –  leaves the skin especially soft and silky.
The unique combination of natural herbs and Dead Sea minerals is what works a special magic on the skin, and is what makes so many of their customers avid life-long fans.
No wonder the London Sunday Times named their soap one of the best 6 beauty soaps in the world!

Business Opportunity:
“Yarden: Partners with Nature”, is currently looking for potential marketers and distributors in Ghana, with the possibility of granting an exclusive concession.

For more information on this opportunity, please contact our lead on cosmetics and consumables; Ms. Maame Yaa