Project Description

Aerodrome (TASE: ARDM) is an aerial intelligence company transforming the way organizations utilize acquired data. With a unity-based approach, leveraging global partnerships – they optimize airborne data collection through holistic solutions, tailor-made to customers’ needs providing actionable insights to a variety of industries. Aerodrome’s solutions redefine the way operators and end-users obtain aerial intelligence, analyze information, and create insights that drive effective actions, supporting growth.

Aerodrome Group serves as a comprehensive drone-based service provider and technology carrier, specializing in providing aerial intelligence as a service.
Aerodrome provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution including intelligence-gathering, analysis, operations, training, and support.
They utilize a wide variety of aircraft (starting from small commercial drones and up to fixed-winged UAVs and everything in between) for intel collection as well as cutting-edge analytical software for the provision of actionable insights.

Some of the common uses include:

  • High Definition (HD) 3D modeling and surveying; can be used for commercial construction, infrastructure planning (new road paving, laying critical energy lines, etc.), and project management and stockpiles monitoring.
  • Aerial surveying and analysis; can be used to streamline operations and maintenance by providing insights and alerts to inefficiencies, regulatory issues, and losses  (discover leaks, thefts,  environmental hazards, violation of regulation and  more)
  • Infrastructure Security; providing aerial security and intelligence for oil & gas, power grid, national water infrastructure, mining, and more.
  • Homeland Security – border control, can be used for efficient border patrol, monitoring rural and hard-to-secure border areas for illegal trafficking, migration, and smuggling

Aerodrome’s services have the potential to provide excellent solutions to several significant challenges being faced in Ghana today.

      1. Border control, especially in the critical and porous northern border regions with Burkina Faso.
      2. Identifying, monitoring, and aiding in enforcement against illegal mining.
      3. Aid in the efficient and effective development of crucial infrastructures, such as roads, rail, water, and communications.
      4. Regulatory, environmental, and security monitoring in mining, oil, and gas.
      5. Transfer knowledge and training of local personnel in Ariel Intelligence operations.

For more information on Aerodromes solutions, or to set up a meeting, please contact Mr. Edwin Acquah, our lead on the Homeland Security sector.