Project Description

Agrio is a smartphone app which provides digitized crop protection by leveraging and deploying proprietary artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms. Agrio replaces inadequate and imprecise methods of crop protection with a sustainable approach for agriculture modernization by enhancing response times to crop anomalies, dispatching warning alerts, and delivering precise agriculture input guidance. The Agrio smartphone acts as an artificially intelligent agronomist by processing images to identify crop diseases, pests, nutritional deficiencies, and abiotic stresses. Agrio offers a plant protection management solution to large scale food producers such as farming cooperatives.

Here is a demo video of how Agrio works –

Business Opportunity

  • Agrio is looking to partner with a company providing agronomy services in Ghana.
  • Agrio would like to work with farmer based groups and cooperatives
  • Agrio would like to work with software engineering companies who focus on agriculture.

Contact Information

Alternatively, please contact the Trade Mission