Project Description

Remote underground infrastructure and moisture analysis.

With satellite-based technology able to locate and assess underground moisture over and area of 1,350 sq miles (3,500 sq km) at once, ASTERRA is becoming humanity’s eyes underground. ASTERRA applies novel, patented algorithmic analysis to synthetic aperture radar and satellite imagery, providing the ability to precisely map underground moisture giving the guidance to act, react, and adapt to underground changes; all without any sensors or devices on the ground.

ASTERRA’s exciting applications include monitoring of internal erosion in dams, leaking pipes, wastewater leakage, underground moisture affecting buildings or infrastructure, and more.

ASTERRA is working with many companies and government agencies worldwide to provide them with useful data about their assets, winning many awards in the process including the American Water Works Association’s (AWWA) 2021 Innovation award.

Some of ASTERRA’s key benefits include:

  • No preparations or set-ups required and no capital spending needed. ASTERRA works without the cost of sensor deployment or maintenance.
  • Scanning for saturated ground below surface, can identify problems at very early stage, thus making repairs less costly.
  • Ability to repeat scanning of specific sections as needed. Either to verify repairs or to track changes in sensitive locations.
  • Data integrates easily and can be viewed through all standard GIS based platforms.
  • Expansive geographic reach. ASTERRA can assess the underground systems in a 1,350-sq-mile area, or 40 miles of straight road or rail in a single pass.

Asterra is seeking mining companies in Ghana that are interested in integrating ASTERRA technology for the monitoring of their tailing dams.

For more information on ASTERRA and other mining and water technologies please contact Mr. Kirk Amoah.