Project Description

BioFishency Ltd. develops, manufactures and markets a new breed of Recirculated Aquaculture Systems (RAS) water treatment solutions to grow healthier fish.

BioFishency solutions were designed to render RAS more sustainable, more profitable, and more optimized, while eliminating off-flavoring in both cold and warm water

Among the company’s solutions, its patented water treatment systems minimize water consumption with full parameter monitoring, to deliver a year-round harvest of premium-quality fish. This is achieved by shifting the water treatment process from traditional bacteria-based filters (biofilters), to a cloud-based and fully controlled industrialized system. Powered by a robust user-friendly Command & Control interface, BioFishency helps lower the carbon footprint, resulting in significant water and energy savings, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Business Opportunity:

BioFishency is searching for a distributor in the aquaculture area, this would typically be an aquaculture equipment supplier or aquaculture project consultant, has access to the growers from small farms, government projects, fish nurseries to mega farms.

For more information on BIOFISHENCY and other agricultural technologies please contact Mr. Kirk Amoah.