Project Description

Call centers are an expensive business. Agents spend at least 30 seconds asking questions in the case that a customer knows the answer. As organizations does not want to reject customers, and in the event that the customer does not know the answer to the knowledge-based questions, the time spent to resolve the entry or access can be a few minutes or more.

Call centers are also targets for fraudsters. Credentials such as passwords, PINs, and knowledge-based questions can easily be compromised by various means, from careless people sharing information on social networks, social engineering, and more sophisticated stealing.

Corsound AI provides a futuristic, modern and innovative, solution powered by AI and is the ideal solution for authentication and fraud detection.

Corsound’s voice biometrics solutions for call centers authenticate customers, enhance engagement, and stops fraud. Corsound is the first commercial entity to generate an image of a customer simply by listening to their voice.

Why Corsound:

  • Fast & Accurate
  • Engine with more than 200 patents
  • The first company in the world with V2F Technology

The technology is ideal for, Banks, Insurance companies, Telco’s, Police services, Military and Intelligence Services.

Corsound AI is currently seeking a local partner in Ghana to act as a distributor or reseller.

Interested organizations should contact Ms. Maame Yaa Amoah, for more information.