Project Description

CybeReady makes banks’ security-awareness training easy, effective, and frictionless.

Cyber-attacks against Banks and Financial Institutions grew 238% in 2020 alone. Banks hold some of the most sensitive, private, and valuable information in the world, which makes bank employees a prime target for hackers.
To mitigate this risk, banks need an effective training solution that prepares their employees for any scenario, without adding a burden to the IT team.

When it comes to security awareness training, banks have to cope with many unique challenges.

Firstly, banks have broad and comprehensive training requirements. From ethics and compliance to ‘personal cash flow and customer relations – security is just one of many corporate training courses. This makes it difficult to ensure employees prioritize security training and view it as more than a checklist item.
Secondly, banks have a widely distributed and diversified workforce. Security awareness training in banks must cater to a wide range of needs. From customer-facing employees in multiple branches and back-office workforce at HQ to varied levels of seniority and technical know-how – there is no ‘one size fits all’.
Thirdly, banks have to cope with an extremely complex threat landscape. Banks have always been an industry vulnerable to cyberattacks.
Today, the transition to remote work, as well as the rapid pace of digital transformation are disrupting legacy security processes, exacerbating the risk landscape for employees even further.

CybeReady addresses all these challenges with an easy, seamless, yet highly effective Integrated Learning Platform offering several key advantages.

Firstly, its ease of operation.
Its SaaS platform facilitates easy onboarding, and integrates with Azure Active Directory and Google Workspace with operation and reporting taking just one hour per quarter.

Secondly, it is adaptive at scale.
CybeReady’s platform can have 100% of employees trained every single month by way of short training sessions that are dynamically adapted per employee group. It provides a fully-managed solution, with training expertise built into the product.

CyberReady proves its worth with significant risk reduction for platform users. They have shown a proven 5x increase in resilience to cyber-attacks, with high-risk employee groups’ risk reduced by 80% within 12 months.
The platform includes real-time KPIs for tracking & reporting the training progress and resultant performance.

CyberReady is currently seeking partners in Ghana to act as resellers of the platform to large corporations and financial institutions in Ghana and West Africa.

For more information please contact Ms. Maame Yaa Amoah, our lead on cybersecurity.