Project Description

The world of exchanges and marketplaces is growing exponentially and changing drastically.

The Infrastructure supporting these markets is outdated and does not provide an appropriate solution to the quickly changing requirements. 


Exberry delivers a deep-tech trading infrastructure solution that offers an Exchange-in-a-Box for stock exchanges, digital securities and marketplaces.

Exberry cloud-native SaaS solution enables unrivalled matching and price discovery capabilities, reshaping what’s possible for marketplaces and exchanges.

Exberry allows close to zero time to market and flexible cost structures not possible with today’s existing solutions while delivering better performance than the leading on-premise providers. Its flexible pricing plans are convenient for small, midsize, and enterprise marketplaces.

Their exchange engine will also enable banks to undertake digitized asset product development for their clients as well connect trading and distribution units internally in a much more efficient and less costly manner.

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