Project Description

Fourtec specializes in developing Data Logging Systems enabled to measure, record and manage data for a wide variety of applications, focusing on cold chain segments.

Fourtec operates in over 50 countries worldwide through local distributors. Fourtec has a certification for ISO management system standards: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.  It has three decades of experience in data acquisition and monitoring challenges and a reputation for product reliability that is reliable measurements and recordings. Fourtec products present the best value for money products in their categories when compared to other brands, similar in specs and quality. Fourtec’s solutions cover a wide range of sectors including agriculture, aquaculture, cold chain transportation, hospital environment, food & food processing, laboratories, museums, pharmaceuticals and warehouse storage.

The product family of Fourtec includes:

  • Microlite – Wide range of accurate, portable, multi-trip cable free USB loggers for cold chain, pharmaceuticals and storage, laboratories, shipment, food and food processing, measurement in refrigerators, cold rooms, electric cabinets, computers and communication rooms.
  • MicroLogPRO – Accurate environmental monitoring with user-friendly design for cold chain, storage, cold rooms, pharma industry, shipment, computers and communication rooms.
  • PicoLite – Single-trip, low-cost, temperature logger for cold chain, healthcare, agriculture and aquaculture in transit and medical cabinets.
  • SingleRide – Single -trip low cost PDF logger. Small, light, waterproof and packed in a food safe wrapper, this data logger is ideal for monitoring the temperature in transit, storage and testing processes.
  • DataNet – Multi-point, online, wireless data monitoring system with easy deployment for stationary environments, hospital environments, museums, production floors, pharma industry and warehouse.

Business Opportunity

  • Fourtec is looking for distributors who can represent them in Ghana.
  • Fourtec is looking for companies sell technological equipment, laboratory equipment and shipping equipment.

Contact Information

Ludmila Nuriel – Order Fulfillment Manager


Alternatively, Please contact The Trade Mission