Project Description

Did you know that improving driving behavior can drastically reduce operating costs and improve brand image?

Fuel, tyres, vehicle maintenance, insurance, damages and injuries are all fleet costs that can be drastically reduced-simply and cheaply.

GreenRoad is a SaaS driver behavior & fleet performance service provider which uses safety telematics solutions to maximize safety and comfort and reduce poor driving related costs and risks.

GreenRoad’s patented algorithm analyzes and corrects more than 150 maneuvers and compound events across five categories: Acceleration, Braking, Lane handling, Cornering, Speeding.

GreenRoad’s in-vehicle display gives fleet drivers’ objective, real-time feedback whenever a risky driving event occurs. Simple audio and visual feedback helps fleet drivers quickly self-correct without being distracted from the road. And at the end of every trip, an automatic summary displays the trip safety level and other stats.

For more information on this product and partnership details please contact our lead on the logistics sector, Mr. Edwin Acquah.