Project Description

The First and Only Dentin Graft: Ivory Graft has developed a naturally sourced, bioresorbable dentin graft material for the repair and augmentation of bone defects. Ivory Graft’s mission is to improve patient’s lives by utilizing the company’s patented technology to create innovative, superior dentin graft materials for dental and additional future clinical applications.

The Ivory Dentin Graft was developed based upon years of scientific research and peer-reviewed publications on the advantages of autologous dentin grafts. Dentin has the same biochemical
composition as bone. Dentin is considered an excellent grafting material. Its organization in tubules allows micro-vascularization. Ivory Dentin Graft promotes new bone formation as well as promoting good integration between the host-bone and graft material. These two features are important for tissue regeneration and integration that follow tooth extraction and grafting, and facilitate osteogenic activity. The main principle and feature of dentin as a graft is creating ankylosis.

Designed for use in dental procedures, Ivory Dentin Graft is a bone graft substitute, naturally sourced from porcine dentin, obtained by standardized and controlled manufacturing procedures. Ivory Dentin Graft is CE marked (according to MDR 2017/745). This unique dentin graft is safe and effective, has no additives, and carries no BSE risk.

Business Opportunity

Ivory Graft is seeking to partner with dental services providers and distributors of medical supplies to enable entry into the Ghanaian market.

For more information on Ivory Graft , contact Maame Yaa Amoah.