Project Description

MAXIMUM develops, manufactures and markets wired and wireless burglar alarm systems and all types of outdoors and indoors ultra-reliable intruder detectors for the business and residential sectors.

MAXIMUM Security is considered one of the world’s most advanced and leading manufacturers in the electronic warning field, supplying their products in over 30 countries.

The company owns several patents in the field of alarm systems, thus positioning itself as a pioneer, and technological leader in its field, often leading the industry in the constant pursuit of technological innovation and ever more secure capabilities.

MAXIMUM Security’s products feature a clean and sleek design, allowing the customers to provide utmost security in their homes and businesses while enjoying an exclusive, stylish, high-quality, and unique product that preserves the aesthetic of their assets.

They can combine a variety of advanced products into a comprehensive system solution tailored made to each customer’s needs and budget.

MAXIMUM is currently looking for a distributor in Ghana who is interested in marketing advanced superior-quality home and business alarm systems and security solutions.

For more information visit their website or contact Edwin Acquah, our lead on the HLS Sector.