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Project Description

Binyamina winery was founded in 1952 in Israel’s official wine region and has been producing world-class quality wines since its establishment.

In honor of the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel and the 95th anniversary of the Binyamina settlement, the Binyamina Winery has created a series of wines for the colony, named Moshava.

The wines of Moshava are varietals, and it begins with the meticulous cultivation of the winery’s vineyards, continues with the process of fermenting grapes in the winery’s steel tanks, and its maturation in the cellars, until it has reached the bottle in a careful and meticulous process.

Business Opportunity

Moshava Wines is looking for a reliable Ghanaian distributor interested in buying from them and representing their interests in Ghana

Contact Information

Please contact the Trade Mission: