Project Description

Overline Security  Ltd  is one of the Top 5 IT Security companies in Israel. Overline specializes in supplying integration services of both hardware & software-based solutions in the field of IT security and business & data resiliency. Overline subsidiaries also supply consultancy & training services in the field of IT Security & information risk management and 24X7 monitoring and management services for business-critical infrastructure. Starting August 2010 Overline has a hands-on technical presence in the continents of America & Africa.

Overline services portfolio include:

  • The design and implementation of organization-wide IT security arrays
  • design and implementation of Network Access Control Systems,

Design and implementation of information security, backup, data continuity such as:

  • Malicious code defence,
  • Symmetric and asymmetric encryption systems,
  • Encrypted virtual private networks,
  • Intrusion detection & prevention systems,
  • Secure and encrypted multicast networks,
  • Data and application replication systems.
  • Short training

Business Opportunity

Overline security Ltd has developed cyber security solutions specifically for the Ghanaian market, in line with the Cyber and Information Security Directive from the Bank of Ghana. Overline is looking for a Ghanaian IT consulting firm to resell the service and act as Overline’s representative in Ghana.

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