Project Description

PURETEC is an engineering and manufacturing company focusing on water and wastewater purification systems.

PURETEC uses the most advanced proven technologies to provide reliable, efficient and cost-effective water purification systems. Among the water purification technologies used by PURETEC are reverse osmosis, hydro ion exchange, ultra filtration, electrode ionization and gas transfer membranes.

PURETEC systems are designed for a variety of water purification applications:

  • Water for irrigation in agriculture and parks
  • Municipal drinking water
  • Tertiary treatment of domestic wastewater
  • Ultrapure water for the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries

PURETEC engineers and technicians apply advanced quality assurance techniques, assembling and testing its water purification systems at the company facilities prior to shipment and installation. Installation of PURETEC systems is simple and consists of placing the system and connecting power, supplied water and drain lines.

PURETEC supplies a wide range of off-the-shelf purification systems as well as special design systems customized to address specific requirement.

Business Opportunity

  • PURETEC is looking for a Ghanaian distributor, representative or agent to represent it in the country.
  • PURETEC wishes to work with NGOs and development partners who are undertaking water systems projects in the country.

Contact Information

Alternatively, you can contact the Trade Mission


Below is a video of Puretec drinking water system in Ethiopia inaugurated by the American Ambassador for Ethiopia.  It was donated by Dow/DuPont U.S.A. The system designed, manufactured, commissioned and handover to the Afar Water resources unit, Ethiopia.