Project Description

Saillog digitizes crop protection by leveraging and deploying proprietary artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms via its Agrio App.

Saillog’s technology replaces inadequate and imprecise methods of crop protection with a sustainable and affordable approach for agriculture modernization.
By enhancing response times to crop anomalies, dispatching warning alerts, and delivering precise agriculture input guidance, agriculture workers can receive immediate and controlled information for reducing pre-harvest waste.

Saillog’s system aggregates data through the use of satellites and other remote sensing devices, and its smartphone app called Agrio.
The widespread and easy distribution of Agrio allows them to crowdsource the data collection on the ground, and provide the unprecedented ability to accurately label remote sensing data.
As a result, they are able to provide highly-localized machine learning-based predictions to their users.

Agrio users are notified when a problem is predicted or sensed in their fields. Users are presented with optimized scouting routes for them to upload images of plants with suspected pathologies.
They receive diagnosis and treatment recommendations from the companies’ artificial intelligence systems based on their images and remote sensing data.

Saillog also offers a plant protection management solution to large-scale food producers such as farming cooperatives.
In this context, they offer a private and secure workgroup within the app to manage crop protection tasks and foster collaboration with organizations.

Saillog|Agrio is seeking a partnership with an organization that can facilitate the implementation and use of the Agrio app amongst Ghanaian farmers so as to realize the benefits of crowdsourced and AI-driven agric management.

For more information on this opportunity please contact Kirk Amoah, the Trade Mission’s lead on agriculture.